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Morning Musume worldwide handshake event at Bangkok Thailand day #1


Hello, finally i can post something again here

as the title said, yeah i came to Thailand to attend Morning Musume Worldwide handshake event

this blog post just like my trip documentary, not all about morning musume 😛

DAY #1

Jakarta,Indonesia  ; Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

wake up early on 3am ; catch the bus to airport and depart from jakarta on 8.00 am with Tiger Airways

after 3 hours of flight, i’m landing on Suvarnabhumi internationa airport at 11.00 am;

still confused with the direction on the airport, so i decide to buy coffee on Starbucks and headed to 6th floor to internet cafe to contact my friend FongFong. She is indonesian, who already come to thailand on 15 oct; almost 1.00 PM i met her, and help me to buy a thai sim card so i can use my phone internet there

after get the internet connection, me and fongfong waiting for thailand fans to come to airport and meet Morning Musume when they landing on Suvarnabhumi (they expected to landing at 4.00 pm with China Airways from Taipei) ; at 3.00 some fans already gathering near gate 4, and i meet MM-Thai admin Junejy, really nice girl, help me a lot to buy ticket, and give me information

June is holding reina banner

Thai fans bring a lot of banner, suddenly the alley on the airport become very crowded with fans and their banner, GJ guys xD, everyone who pass the alley very curious with those banner and sign, some of them take picture 😀

when waiting they pass, i see Japanese  and i realize it was Sakurai Takamasa; journalist from japan, and i always read his article on Asian Beat ( or Asian Beat Japan Japan Japan )
i called him ‘Sakurai-san!’ then he come to us, and asked that ‘shitenno?’ ‘do you know me?’  ‘Yes, of course, i always read your article,especially about morning musume’ ; then he look at my sign and realize we come from Indonesia just for morning musume ; he took a photo around, and talk a lot with fans here, he looks surprised with all fans here, and decide to waiting Morning Musume with us

Me and fongfong got interview by japanese ; i don’t know they are UFA staff or not, but we are happy to share that Indonesia have a lot of H!P fans

Japanese TV staff taking a pictures

Me and Sakurai Takamasa-san

and after long waiting…THEY COME; i hear some shouting around the corner and YES! IT’S THEM!finally after 9 years become a fan, i can see Morning Musume with my own eyes; the real things

sorry for very low quality here ; i can concentrate to take a picture, to busy to follow them and shouting 😀



They walk so fast, can’t take picture of Fukuchan-Harunan-Daishi 😦

after out from Gate 3, they quickly go to their bus

Fukuchan, Sayu,Daishi sit on the back Reina and Harunan on the seat in front of them. They make total chaos on the street near the gate, everyone yelling their name. The best part of this moment is when i got there, i raise my banner (again) . AND LUCKILY FUKUCHAN recognize it! she pointed at me, and call sayu and daishi to look at me! Holy God! i stand after the bus, so maybe they can see me easily, and after that the bus leaving airport.

after those moment, everyone still on the dreamland, still can’t believe we can meet our lifetime idol with our own eyes; and June said that, they gonna have Interview event & mini live at Channel [V] Thailand, at Siam Discovery center. So i decide to follow local fans there, and still bring my lugage (i haven’t go to Hotel yet). Bus,Plane,Train, i use all of those vehicle on 12 hours and didn’t eat anything since a day before; so, when i arrive at Siam Discovery i almost throw up…~__~ and decide to get some food first

7.30 pm ; Channel [V] Thailand @ Siam Discovery

meet friends from Thailand and Philippine and gather around glass wall of Channel [V] Studio; some fans so lucky and got access to enter the studio


and yes that fongfong holding my banner xD


FINALLY they are out from waiting room and heading to studio, they wearing 1.2.3 costume
, and DANG! Fukuchan look so gorgeous!, they pass the wall glass twice before entering the studio, i can’t believe i can see them this close, just the glass separate me and my idol!

after entering the studio, they interviewed there, and do some mini-super-live xD, really really glad can get here and join with other fans to watch this

after they finish the mini live, they heading back to Glass wall area, so i call them and try to get their attention, and when fukuchan pass, i tap the glass, and she tap on my right hand! i just tap out to heaven!

Fukuchan…..fukuchannnn.. T__T ❤ ❤

i tapped to heaven!

after that, we chasing them to parking lot, and they are leaving and back to Le Meridien Hotel T__T

Me and Fongfong decide to rest and heading back  to hotel too, to much experience in one day, to much awesomeness, and must preparing for the D-day tomorrow

ah, i meet this inception guy on the way back

Hello Leo~

sorry for crappy english and bad photo here (and the wrong watermark, just realize after finished this), just want to share my experience, i’m gonna post the D-day if i got free-time 😀